Gore on long Florida voter lines: ‘Disgrace,’ ‘un-American,’ result of Jim Crow tactics

Dylan Stableford
The Ticket

Al Gore is having a flashback to 2000 watching the 2012 presidential election returns from Florida.

"At some point after this election, I hope there will be a reckoning for these governors and state legislators that have intentionally tried to prevent people from voting," Gore said on Current TV on Tuesday night while looking at video clips of the long lines facing voters in Dade County. "This is a disgrace to this country."

Gore—who eventually lost the 2000 election to George W. Bush after a divisive recount in Florida—compared the reported voter suppression in the state to Jim Crow tactics that prevented blacks from voting in the wake of the Civil War.

"It's more sophisticated now. It's dressed up in different types of language," Gore said. "But it is un-American, it is wrong, it is a disgrace to this country—and there ought to be a bipartisan movement to say, 'Enough of this.'"