Acrobatic Kitten becomes Slam-Dunk Sensation

Melissa Knowles
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Move over Blake Griffin and LeBron James -- you just may have some competition on your hands in the world of best slam dunkers. A new viral video shows a helpful kitty who loves to do alley-oops, but instead of using a basketball, he uses laundry.

The video, "Cat helps out with the dirty laundry," shows an eager kitty who cannot help but launch itself out of the dirty clothes hamper into the air to grab the clothes that its owner tosses, and slam them into the bin below. The way the cat springs out and with the height it gets in the air, you might think there's a trampoline buried at the bottom of the hamper, but that does not appear to be the case. The cat could just have really good timing. Maybe it was even a basketball player in a former life, if you believe in that sort of thing.

People are loving the cat's trick, and the YouTube video is approaching 100,000 views in only a few days time. One commenter put into words what many people are likely thinking, "such an acrobatic, beautiful kitty."

One commenter is particularly impressed with the cat's skills and wonders if it has any other special talents. He suggests that once the cat is finished with the dirty clothes, it could help with AP calculus homework.

The cat's name is not mentioned in the video, so our Trending Now team has been coming up with suggestions for a cat with such a unique skill. Here are some of our favorites: Meow Ming, Scotty Kitten and Patrick Mewing.

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