Airplane Engine Explosion Caught On Tape

Melissa Knowles
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Airplane Engine Explosion Caught On Tape

For some people the act of flying in an airplane induces uncontrollable anxiety and panic. These are classic symptoms of aviophobia, the fear that something bad will happen once a person is airborne, and it will be completely out of his or her control. If you're one of those people, then I recommend that you stop reading now, and definitely do not watch the video above.

A Thomas Cook Airlines flight from Manchester, England, was about to take off from the tarmac when suddenly the right engine exploded. The incident was caught on video by aviation videographer Simon Lowe. The Airbus A330 had 325 passengers onboard and was en route to the Dominican Republic. The plane veers a bit to one side, but the pilot is able to regain control of the aircraft.

A spokesperson for the airline said, "The aircraft developed an engine fault and returned to stand; as a precaution, the airport emergency services attended the aircraft—but at no time were passengers or crew at risk."

The spokesperson also said that a replacement aircraft was used to take the passengers to their scheduled destination later that afternoon.

Lowe's video of the engine's explosion has been viewed more than 465,000 times on YouTube since being uploaded on June 24.

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