Canadian Man Reveals Secret Illegal Treehouse on Private Royal Property

Melissa Knowles
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As a kid, so many of us dreamed of having a tree house. If it got built, usually it was in our parents' backyard, and it was a novice approach at a makeshift private space. Well a grown man in Canada has turned his tree house dream into a reality.

For about a year, Joel Allen has been living in a 200-square-foot egg-shaped tree house he built in the highly exclusive and expensive Whistler Woods of Canada. The property is owned by the queen of England herself. Allen, a computer technician turned carpenter, without permission or the money to do so, searched for the perfect tree to build his creation. It just so happened to be a hemlock tree on crown land. So Allen has dubbed his illegal dwelling HemLoft.

HemLoft is surrounded by million-dollar homes. Ironically, HemLoft was built by Allen using mostly materials he found for free on Craig's List. After keeping the existence of the tree house a secret for years, Allen says he is finally ready to share his design with the world--even if it means he could get in trouble and lose the tree house.

Allen created a YouTube video of HemLoft and a website to generate support for his tree house. So far, the video has generated more than 160,000 views since it was first posted April 19. It's an elaborate three-and-a-half-minute video of Allen first walking through the woods to his secret space and then entertaining a lady friend all to the upbeat song "Sol" by Mausi.

HemLoft's fate remains, literally, up in the air, but the good news is that it's generating international buzz and will be featured in this month's outdoor edition of Dwell magazine.


In a presidential election year, candidates make the rounds on late-night talk shows to generate public support and appeal to young voters. In keeping with that tradition, President Obama will appear on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" tonight. To make sure he asks all the right questions, Fallon has reached out on Twitter.

Using the hashtag #ObamaOnFallon, Fallon asked his Twitter followers for advice on interview questions for the commander in chief. So far, Fallon has gotten responses that run the gamut. One person tweeted, "So is this the change you had hoped for? Yeah, me neither." Others have taken the topic more seriously, with one person asking if Obama had ever considered another career outside politics. Of course, Fallon's show is a comedy, so there have been humorous submissions as well. One person tweeted, "How do you get pizza delivered to the White House?"

Maybe we'll all find out tonight.