Cancer-Stricken Dog Gets Epic Last Meal

Melissa Knowles
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One of the hardest experiences that anyone can endure is the loss of a pet. The sometimes prolonged illness leading up to the pet's passing can be even more gut-wrenching. Lennox, a boxer breed, was plagued with cancer and arthritis, and he had survived multiple surgeries, but a recent tumor growth on his left shoulder made it difficult for him to even stand.

Lennox's owner decided that the humane thing to do would be to put Lennox to sleep to end his suffering. His roommate, "Nikolaoss" on Reddit, explained the situation in a post on the site. He included a twist to the story: Lennox would be given an incredible last meal, consisting of a turkey leg, sausage, bacon, and rice. There's even a video of Lennox eating his last meal. Lennox goes for the bacon first.

The post about Lennox received 24,000 upvotes on Reddit -- and tons of positive comments. People offered their condolences and shared their stories of losing pets. One user wrote, "One of the greatest lessons a pet teaches its owner in life is that it ends."

In an update to the original Lennox post, Nikolaoss writes that Lennox was euthanized and passed peacefully on Jan. 23. He added, "Thanks for all the comments, my roommate appreciates it a lot. This post isn't meant to be sad. He lived like an absolute boss all his life!"

Sounds like a fitting end for a beloved pet.

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