Complex and Beautiful Photos of Airports Give a New Perspective

Henry Baker
·Henry Baker

We don't usually think of airports as places of great beauty. They are mostly a place holding travelers, so it's not often that we take time to appreciate the complex design and efficiency of these commuter hubs.

Artist Jeffrey Milstein wants to change that view. Milstein is an aircraft enthusiast and artist who had previously gained fame for his photos of the bellies of airplanes. As a child in Los Angeles, Milstein would go to Los Angeles International Airport and watch the activity, even memorizing flight patterns.

In Milstein's new collection of photos, he documents with aerial photography the complicated beauty of America's airports. Called "portraits," the photos so far released include views of JFK and Newark Liberty airports. Commenters on the original story at called the photos "sublime." Milstein says the collection is meant to show how these transit behemoths "grow organically over time much like a living organism."

Many people were curious how, in this age of increased airport security, Milstein was able to get the shots. He says he does get permission, but leaves it at that. So, in essence, don't try this at home!

You can check out Milstein's work below.

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