Beauty Pageant Queen Shaves Head for Charity

Mia Fitzharris
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Beauty Pageant Queen Shaves Head for Charity

Beauty pageant queens have been the butt of a lot of jokes lately — for example, Marissa Powell, Miss Utah, who recently flubbed an answer about the gender gap in wages during the Miss USA pageant. But one crowned beauty has people talking because of a noble act: chopping off all her hair for charity. Patricia Celan was named Miss Charity British Columbia on July 1. Contestants were raising money for the organization Cops for Cancer, which funds research for children's cancers and sends kids stricken with the disease to summer camp. Celan promised that if she raised the most money, she would shave her head. Well, she raised $8,000, topping what the other contestants raked in. So, she made good on her promise right there on the pageant stage.

First her ponytail was cut off, and then the electric buzzer came out. Celan donated her hair, and she had it shaved to stand in solidarity with cancer patients who have lost their hair. Celan said of her new look, "I've been told that I'm pulling off the Natalie Portman look." The new short haircut will be great for the summer, during which Celan is volunteering at Camp Goodtimes for children with cancer. Now there's a pageant queen who is beautiful inside and out.

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