Jennifer Lawrence, Super 'Homeland' Fan, Has the Realest Brody Reaction Ever

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Jennifer Lawrence is the reigning queen of wacky, unpredictable, and self-deprecating red carpet interviews, but things went to the next level at the SAG Awards on Saturday when she met Brody, aka Damian Lewis from Showtime's "Homeland."

Lawrence, who was being interviewed by "Access Hollywood" in tandem with "Homeland's" Lewis, admitted to watching the first two seasons of "Homeland" twice, saying "I'm freaking out a little bit ... I've never met Brody before."

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So when the interviewers decided to combine things to let Lawrence meet "Brody," she freaked, clutching the wall and yelling, "I love 'Homeland' so much! ... It's my favorite show, ever!" Only Lewis suggesting they "cuddle" could peel her off of the wall for a hug and an awkwardly flustered chat.

But then things got real. And — spoiler alert! — "Access" ruined the end of Season 3 for Lawrence, after she was clear that she had not yet seen it. So if you haven't seen it yet either, we suggest you stop reading and not watch this video, because it'll get ugly.

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"Are you upset that he died?" "You know they killed him off..." Watch to see Lawrence's full reaction to Brody being killed off in Season 3, which prompted Lewis to ask, "Are you crying?" But Lawrence could not get over it, and was not ready to accept the spoiler's apology. "It's like past mad ... it's this weird other emotion." And when she ends by saying, "You are a monster," we can all kind of understand where she's coming from. Watch:

Lewis is just the latest in a line of leading men who've flustered and delighted Lawrence on a red carpet. At San Diego Comic-Con last year, Yahoo's "The Yo Show" caught Lawrence fangirling out over meeting Jeff Bridges, casually revealing that she's a "Big Lebowski" fan:

She also had a memorable on-camera run-in with Jack Nicholson while doing an interview with "Good Morning America" backstage at the 2013 Academy Awards after accepting her first Oscar for "Silver Linings Playbook." Nicholson interrupted their interview to congratulate her, then said, "You look like an old girlfriend of mine." To which she laughed and coyly replied, "Oh really? Do I look like a new girlfriend?" before freaking out.

She doesn't just go for older men though — Lawrence also gets excited to meet (and photobomb) her peers, like she did while E! was interviewing Taylor Swift on the Golden Globes red carpet just last week. She claims she didn't realize she was on camera ... do you believe her?

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That wasn't the first fancy event Lawrence decided to photobomb at. Nothing made Sarah Jessica Parker's daring mohawk headpiece at the 2013 Met Gala more photograph-worthy than an arms-up, excited smile from Lawrence. Even onlooker Marion Cotillard got a kick out of it!

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Some people think J.Law's quirkiness is all an act, but if it is, she deserves all the awards forever because it's amazingly entertaining.