Blood Tribe election results

·2 min read

At least 2752 people came out to vote for chief and council at the recent blood tribe election last Thursday. Incumbent Roy Fox won with 628 votes, only 22% of the vote compared to the 20% of runner up Vernon Joseph Chief Moon Jr, making it a fairly even race with vote distribution quite spread between many candidates.

Twelve Councillors were also elected on Thursday, with less of a spread of votes amongst the 88 candidates. The most well-liked candidate was Traveller Plaited Hair, who took the lead with a total of 931 votes, far ahead of the next favourite, Clarence Black Water who won his seat with 584 votes. The other 10 councillors who have been elected received between 397 to 582 votes each. Of the 12 incumbent councillors who ran, only 3 were re-elected: Dorothy First Rider, Martin Heavy Head, and Marcel Weasel Head.

New councillors include Traveller Plaited Hair, Clarence Blackwater, Piinaakoyim Tailfeathers, Floyd Big Head, Mickey Day Rider, Winston Day Chief, Diandra Bruised Head, Richard Red Crow, and Maria Russell. Former councillors Lance Tailfeathers, Tim Tailfeathers, Floyd Big Head, Kyla Crow, Joanne Lemieux, Robin Little Bear, Kirby Many Fingers, Hank Shade, and Franklyn White Quills did not get enough votes to remain in their seats this term. Polls were extended one hour at all polling locations due to an overwhelming turnout.

The swearing in ceremony took place at 11am on December 2 and was live-streamed on the Blood Tribe website. There were so many interested voters that the polls at each station had to be extended for an hour to 8pm. Even then voters had to be turned away so that the vote could be counted. Police were called to an off-reserve voting station in Lethbridge where security guards had been worried that those being turned away at 8 were getting aggressive. Once the bylaw was read out-loud to the crowd and it was explained that the polls were not being shut down early, the crowd dispersed without incident.

Elizabeth Thompson-Christensen, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Temple City Star