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Bloomscape now delivers tree-sized indoor plants to your door — and they arrive in perfect condition

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I’ve been a Bloomscape fan since purchasing my first indoor plant from the brand in 2020. From the thoughtfully designed packaging that protects your well-nurtured plant during travel to the carefully crafted pots already packed with soil to take the guessing game out of caring for your new baby, there’s nothing not to love.

So when I found out that Bloomscape was launching a new tree-sized plants collection, I was ecstatic. Here’s the thing, though — the plant community usually despises direct-to-consumer plant delivery companies since there’s no way of knowing if your plant was properly cared for and maintained before arriving at your doorstep. I had these same concerns before doing my research to become a Bloomscape patron.

Bloomscape grows all its offerings in a specially designed greenhouse with a controlled environment created just for plants. The plants are cared for by experts and kept in optimal conditions before being packaged and shipped directly to you.

I own two adult Bloomscape plants, and they both arrived in perfect condition with bright green leaves, clear instructions and not a broken pot or torn leaf in sight.

The latest addition to my collection, the Bird of Paradise Tree from the newly launched Tree-Sized Plants collection, couldn’t have arrived in better condition.

Credit: Bloomscape
Credit: Bloomscape

The new tree-sized plants collection is perfect for those who want to add some life to an empty space in their home with a bit of greenery. There are currently four plants to choose from:

Each tree-sized plant is over six feet tall — a height that would take at least four years to grow on your own — and arrives in a deep, decorative pot sitting on top of a wheeled saucer for easy movement. The pots come in three colors: stone, clay and charcoal.

I wanted to fill a space beside my kitchen window with an easy-to-maintain, fully grown plant. I decided on the Bird of Paradise because I already own a smaller one and found it easy to care for. I’ve always loved the large, majestic leaves that remind me of the tropical setting of my childhood. Bird of Paradise plants grow rapidly, so caring for them brings a sense of relatively instant gratification when they’re well tended.

Bird of Paradise Tree, $450

Credit: Bloomscape
Credit: Bloomscape

$450 at Bloomscape

When my Bird of Paradise Tree arrived, I cut open the box and slid the already-potted plant onto the floor. From there, I removed the brown paper from around the leaves and the top of the soil and placed the pot on the wheeled saucer and rolled it to the corner near my kitchen window, where it gets the perfect amount of indirect sunlight.

All the leaves were healthy and undamaged, and the soil was still slightly damp, proving that not much time elapsed between the plant leaving the Bloomscape greenhouse and its arrival at my home.

Like all of Bloomscape’s plants, it came with an instruction card outlining how often I should water it. The recommended rule of thumb for most house plants is to water when 50% of the soil is dry; I test it by pushing my finger into the soil from the top. To keep from overwatering, stop when you see water draining into the saucer and be sure to throw out the water, so your plant isn’t sitting in moisture.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, $450

Credit: Bloomscape
Credit: Bloomscape

$450 at Bloomscape

While the Bird of Paradise is easy to maintain, fiddle leaf fig trees have the opposite reputation. But they’re beloved for their unique look and trendy appeal.

As far as Bloomscape’s tree-sized plants are concerned, its Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is sure to be a popular pick and will likely sell out fast. These plants tend to garner lots of attention. They’re elegant, stylish and fit perfectly in small corners thanks to their long trunks.

If a few leaves at the bottom fall off during transit or a few days after settling into your home, don’t be alarmed — that’s just what this plant does. The only time to be concerned is when the leaves turn brown or black.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree needs lots of partial and bright indirect sunlight, so make sure it’s close to a window.

Ficus Altissima Tree, $450

Credit: Bloomscape
Credit: Bloomscape

$450 at Bloomscape

While the Bird of Paradise Tree is no-fuss and the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is a bit more high maintenance, the Ficus Altissima Tree leans more towards the former. In fact, it’s one of the most low-maintenance plants you’ll find.

This stunning tree has yellow and green variegated leaves and thrives in spots where it can grow up and out. Be sure to place this in a medium-to-large corner with indirect bright sunlight since it doesn’t tolerate low light well. If the lighting is too low, the variegation will begin to fade, and the leaves won’t look as green over time.

Bamboo Palm Tree, $450

Credit: Bloomscape
Credit: Bloomscape

$450 at Bloomscape

Last is the Bamboo Palm Tree, perfect for those who forget to water their plants for weeks.

This tree-sized plant is actually a rare find since it’s native to the forests in Mexico and Central America. The long green leaves arch from slender trunks that resemble bamboo. The Bamboo Palm Tree is the perfect living room-ready tree, and unlike many palms, it doesn’t need direct sunlight. It thrives in the filtered, indirect bright light found in most homes.

As with all of the plants on this list, water only when the soil is about halfway dry.

Keep in mind that, due to growth quantities, these plants have limited availability, so shop now while they’re all still in stock.

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