'Blue Bloods' Fans, We Have Some Disappointing News about the Series

Blue Bloods fans have already been through the ringer this year, with the news that the police-drama will end after season 14. Now, it appears the next two Friday nights will give fans a little glimpse into what life will be like after the series finale.

If you're planning to tune into CBS on Friday, March 22, for a brand new episode of Blue Bloods, think again. March Madness is back, which means Blue Bloods is, once again, going on hiatus for at least the next two weeks. During Blue Bloods' normal slot on March 22, CBS will air the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship (First Round) games. So instead of more Reagan family drama, you'll see Vermont playing Duke or James Madison playing Wisconsin.

Blue Bloods will also be affected the following Friday (March 29) by the Regional Semifinal games, but we expect CBS to return regularly scheduled programming on April 5, as the remaining games in the tournament will fall on Sunday.

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Last week, Bridget Moynahan returned to the director's chair for Season 14 Episode 4. The episode,"Past Is Present", aired after a two week break between episode three and four. CBS must just really want fans to savor these episodes of Blue Bloods which may indeed be some of the last!

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