Report: Blue Jays investigating another sexual misconduct allegation against Roberto Alomar Jr.

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TORONTO, CANADA - AUGUST 28: Hall of Fame player Roberto Alomar of the Toronto Blue Jays acknowledges fans after catching a ceremonial first pitch from former general manager and Hall of Famer Pat Gillick before the start of MLB game action against the Minnesota Twins on August 28, 2016 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Roberto Alomar Jr. now has three known sexual misconduct allegations against him. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

Another woman has stepped forward with a sexual misconduct allegation against MLB Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar Jr.

The Toronto Blue Jays have opened an internal investigation into their former second baseman as well as their own operations after a woman named Melissa Verge alleged that Alomar propositioned her for sex and pressed his body against her without her consent in 2014, according to The Toronto Star's Brendan Kennedy.

Verge was 18 years old at the time of the alleged incident, while Alomar would have been 46.

The allegation comes a month after the Blue Jays and MLB cut ties with Alomar following an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment from a different woman, also in 2014. Alomar has since resigned from the board of directors of the Baseball Hall of Fame, but remains enshrined.

MLB did not disclose details from the investigation that led commissioner Rob Manfred to ban Alomar from baseball, but the Star reports that sources claim the case to be "far more serious" than Verge's allegations. The Star also reports that the Blue Jays had conducted another investigation into separate allegations of inappropriate behavior against Alomar involving a third woman.

The new allegations against Roberto Alomar Jr.

According to the Star, the alleged incident occurred when Verge was working as a volunteer coach for a Blue Jays instructional kids camp at Toronto's Rogers Centre in the summer of 2011.

Verge, described as a diehard Jays fan, told the Star she was excited to work alongside Alomar, having met him two years earlier at another camp. The Ryerson University student accepted an offer from Alomar for a tour of the Jays' clubhouse and other facilities.

Once in the team's weight room, Verge alleged that Alomar moved in behind her and pressed his body against her, rubbing against her. She said her memory of the incident was foggy, not knowing exactly how long he remained against her or what caused him to eventually stop (sexual assault survivors frequently struggle with recalling details of their assault).

Verge said she walked out of the room as soon as he pulled away, but he caught up to her, put his arm tight around her and gave her his phone number, requesting she keep the incident under wraps. 

On the second day of the camp, Verge reportedly said Alomar approached her again and propositioned she join him in his hotel suite. She said she doesn't know how she responded to the invitation, only that she was scared, shaking and near tears.

Verge has written her own account of the incident, published by the Star.

Alomar accuser says she told Blue Jays official

Following the alleged incident in the weight room, Verge claimed she did not tell anyone at the camp what happened, but told her then-boyfriend when she returned to her dorm room. The man corroborated that account with the Star.

The Star reports that Verge's parents also said she told them of the incidents soon after they happened.

Two-and-a-half months later, Verge described the incidents in emails to a college professor, who allowed the Star to confirm their authenticity. Alomar is reportedly not named in the emails, though the events described align with Verge's current allegations. The emails were reportedly sent while Verge was seeking the professors advice about her legal risks for writing about the incidents.

Most worrying for the Blue Jays, though, is that Verge told the Star that she approached Rob Jack, then the Blue Jays' manager of social marketing and the head of the camp, about the incidents. 

Verge claimed she told Jack what happened and Jack responded by speaking with Alomar. She says Alomar and Jack then approached her again, with Alomar saying something resembling an apology and claiming her though of her "as a sister." 

No incident concerning Alomar was then reported to the Blue Jays' human resources department.

Jack is reportedly a close friend of Alomar's. Not only was he apparently in Alomar's wedding party in 2012, he now works as the president of Alomar Sports Inc., reportedly joining the company in after the Blue Jays fired him in 2015.

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