Blue Mountain Housing corp. will ask for quorum rule change

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The Blue Mountains Attainable Housing Corporation (BMAHC) will ask the province to amend its corporate rules to change the definition of a quorum for its board meetings.

At its meeting on Aug. 4, the BMAHC board voted to apply to the province for Supplementary Letters Patent to change what constitutes a quorum for its meetings. The BMAHC board has nine members, two of which are members of council. Currently, the required quorum for a meeting is five members, one of which must be one of the members of council.

Once approved by the province, a quorum for a board meeting will be the presence of any five members of the board.

At The Blue Mountains council meeting on Sept. 12, the BMAHC board chair, Coun. Rob Sampson, updated council about the issue.

Sampson said with the current quorum rules a scenario could arise that the board would not be able to conduct its business if both members of council were absent.

“It’s not appropriate for one board member to be able to freeze the business of the corporation,” said Sampson, who also said the change was important to allow the board to operate during the transition period after the municipal election this fall.

Sampson and Mayor Alar Soever are currently BMAHC board members and both are retiring from municipal government and are not seeking reelection. The new council will have to appoint two new board members after the election.

Chris Fell, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,