Blue zone parking fines now $400 and up

Blue zone parking fines now $400 and up

Parking illegally in a blue-zone space meant for people with disabilities will now set you back at least $400 and possibly a lot more.

Amendments to the Highway Traffic Act took effect Wednesday, pushing the minimum fine from $100 to four times that, and increasing the maximum fine to $700.

Changes to the blue zone regulations were announced in October. The Newfoundland and Labrador government also promised to make buildings more accessible with further changes that take effect in April for new construction or extensive renovations.

Access Denied — a 2017 series by CBC —  identified several barriers to accessibility, including steep ramps, washrooms too small for wheelchairs to manoeuvre in, and too few doors that open automatically.

The series also identified issues with blue-zone parking, such as parking meters too tall to reach and curb cuts several metres from designated spots.

At Confederation Building, cabinet ministers were given reserved parking spaces closer to the door than blue zones for drivers with disabilities, but that was changed after an advocate complained.