Blyth Festival Theatre's Harvest Stage to get extra parking, temporary washrooms, more seating

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BLYTH – The Blyth Festival’s Harvest Stage, built last summer due to pandemic rules that restricted indoor show access, will now have temporary washroom facilities, additional seating, and extra parking.

Huron County planner Hannah Homan updated North Huron council on June 6, saying there were no objections received from the township’s chief building official, director of public works, fire department, or engineering.

“The proposed development is permitted and meets the provisions of the zoning bylaw,” Homan’s report said. “The site has since been developed to reflect the 2021 approved site plan and this site plan reflects a proposal for an amendment to the existing site plan.”

However, the conversation quickly turned into a discussion on who was responsible for cutting the grass, as there were some complaints lodged with the township about the upkeep of the new theatre.

Blyth Ward Coun. Kevin Falconer raised the question about whose responsibility it is to maintain the grass at the location, saying there had recently been several complaints about the untidy appearance.

There seems to be a bit of confusion around this. Festival General Manager, Rachel King said they had hired a landscaping company to begin once the final approval was received for the expansion.

CAO Dwayne Evans recalled that the agreement was that North Huron would maintain the grounds “to the standards that we’ve always maintained it, anything above and beyond that is the responsibility of the festival.”

King acknowledged this agreement in a telephone conversation with the Wingham Advance Times.

The construction has begun for the new parking spaces, and the landscaping company has completed the necessary grass cutting as of June 13.

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times

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