Blyth Lions Club vacate booth, council to inspect for future use

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BLYTH – A report from Vicki Luttenberger, director of recreation and community services, informed North Huron council that the Blyth Lions Club no longer wishes to operate the concession booth located on the grounds of the Blyth Community Centre, and they have vacated the building.

Steve Howson, president of the Blyth Lions Club, wrote a letter to council regarding the state of the building, informing them that they would be vacating the premises as of May 1.

They also cancelled the insurance on the building at the same time.

“The Blyth Lions Club has operated the food booth located at the Blyth Campgrounds for approximately 50 years during the weekend of the Huron Pioneer Threshers and Hobby Association annual show. Due to COVID-19, the food booth has not been used over the past two years.”

Howson’s letter states a recent inspection of the food booth by members found the following issues:

- the barbecue grill did not pass a propane inspection;

- the stove and oven did not pass a propane inspection;

- the two large chest freezers do not work; and

- the two refrigerators need to be replaced.

During the Lions Club’s Feb. 24 meeting, it was decided it was not feasible to replace the appliances; the cost was not justified to operate for just one weekend a year.

In her report, Luttenberger recommended that the township utilize the facility for storage purposes.

“Staff have examined the booth to determine if it should be removed or repurposed. While the booth is no longer equipped for concession operations, the building is an ideal size and location for the storage of ball diamond equipment and materials,” said Luttenberger.

“For many years, volunteer groups and organizations in North Huron have played an important role in developing recreational facilities. In some cases, these organizations raised funds to build recreational assets to provide services,” Luttenberger said.

“As our community ages and volunteerism decreases, service delivery and maintenance of the recreational assets is no longer sustainable for these groups. The recreational assets require repurposing.”

Luttenberger said that staff had traced the history of the concession booth and determined that future plans are within council’s jurisdiction.

Coun. Paul Heffer requested an inspection of the structure, thinking that would make sense.

“Is it possible to have our inspector check it out?” asked Heffer. “I just want to make sure – it’s a fairly old building. I was told by one of the [Lion’s Club] members, just maybe check the posts and structure.”

Council opted to have their inspector give the building a once over. Once the stability of the structure is determined, they will decide what to do with the building.

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times

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