New boat launch for Rivers Reservoir

A new boat launch will soon be installed at Lake Wahtopanah, also known as Rivers Reservoir.

The project is made possible with support from the Manitoba Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund. On Monday, Natural Resources and Northern Development Minister Greg Nesbitt announced $780,660 in funding for 21 fish and wildlife improvement projects to protect Manitoba’s abundant natural resources, including $10,000 for the boat launch.

The current boat launch is near the end of its usability, which is why the Brandon Wildlife Association applied for the funding in the first place, said president Brad Kirkpatrick.

Every summer season, locals and tourists alike flock to the Rivers Reservoir, so a functional dock is a must, he said.

“We’ve certainly been looking forward to this stimulus funding.”

Manitoba’s fish and wildlife are precious resources that should be preserved to ensure they remain for future generations, Nesbitt stated in a press release on Monday.

“We recognize the important contributions of licensed hunters, anglers and trappers that support the conservation of fish and wildlife,” he said. “These investments will provide funding for enhancement projects to protect Manitoba’s fish and wildlife populations.”

Another Brandon-based group, the Brandon Retriever Club, will receive $5,000 from the province to conserve game and hunt with a trained retriever. The group, which uses a field south of Brandon made up of three parcels of land for training retriever dogs, didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund was established by the province to support the conservation of fish and wildlife habitats and to fund projects that support conservation and sustainable use of Manitoba’s fish and wildlife populations.

Projects that are awarded funding are chosen with oversight from the minister and through leadership projects recommended by the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Committee. Non-profit groups, academic institutions and community organizations can apply for funding toward eligible expenses for projects including fish and wildlife population enhancement; habitat enhancement; monitoring and research; angler, hunter and trapper education; public access; and critical fish or wildlife habitat protection.

Miranda Leybourne, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Brandon Sun