Bob Barker, 93, Recovering After Fall at Home

Bob Barker, 93, is on the mend.

The longtime host of The Price Is Right, who retired from the game show in 2007, slipped in the bathroom of his home in Hollywood Hills on Wednesday night. While Barker had no visible injuries, TMZ reports that paramedics came and that his housekeeper took him to a local emergency room as a precaution.

He was examined by doctors, underwent tests, and was released within hours.

In October 2015, Barker was hospitalized after he tripped on uneven sidewalk near his home. He cut his forehead and injured his knee in that spill. Police officers who were in the area for another incident saw Barker take the fall and were able to help.

The animal advocate revealed at the time that fans from all over sent him well wishes. Barker recovered within days, something he attributed to a healthy lifestyle.

“I think that at my age two things are terribly important: nutrition and exercise,” he told ET. “Well at any age, but it’s more important for old people. If you don’t exercise you’re going to end up like this you know?”

Drew Carey, who took over for Barker on the show, celebrated his 10th year as host of the country’s longest-running game show in May. However, Barker still makes occasional appearances. The last time a contestant was told to “come on down” to play a pricing game with him was on April Fool’s Day 2015.

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