Bob Wooward avoids saying whether or not Bill Barr cooperated for Peril

On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tuesday, Colbert was joined by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, authors of Peril, the explosive new book chronicling the tumultuous final months of the Trump presidency. Colbert pressed the pair about their sources.

“You record the interviews, right?” Colbert asked. “Everything in quotes here, you’ve got dead to rights, right?” “Yes. We don’t disclose who the sources are,” Woodward answered. “We do them on what’s called deep background (Disclosure of information without attribution). We’re gonna use everything that they said.”

Despite Woodward saying they don’t disclose their sources, Colbert kept pushing, showing particular interest in former Attorney General William Barr. According to the book, Barr told Trump in April of 2020 that his reelection was at risk because suburban voters think he’s “a f***ing a**hole.” Barr also reportedly urged Trump not to support a Republican-led Supreme Court case against Obamacare that could have caused millions of Americans to lose their health insurance as the COVID-19 pandemic worsened.

“Barr had to have cooperated with you,” Colbert said, “because at one point it says, ‘…thought Barr.’ How would you know what Barr thought unless Barr told you?” “Well,” Woodward said, “there are many ways. He could have a diary, we could…” “You could be a witch,” Colbert interjected, making Woodward laugh.

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