Body of missing woman, 21, found in Calgary park

Calgary police have confirmed that a body found in the city's northeast on Thursday was missing woman Shianne Kim Thom.

The 21-year-old hadn't been seen or heard from since she left her Silver Springs home in northwest Calgary the night of Dec. 18. Police said at the time she had a condition that required medication.

Her body was found partially covered by snow in Marlborough Park after police were called to the 1200 block of Maitland Drive N.E. around 11:30 a.m. MT.

On Friday, friends remembered Thom as an outgoing young woman who was a kind and caring friend. 

"She was always down to bake food for other people and invite us over to her house and ask how we were doing," said Sofia Zaballa. 

"She was just such a kind person who genuinely cared how your life was going and you don't find a lot of people like that. If she found out you were sad or upset she would be the first to call you up."

Zaballa said Thom didn't have an easy life and struggled at times with depression, but she was attending college and working to get her life together. 

"[When she went missing] we were all just thinking maybe she's just having a rough time. She doesn't want to talk to anyone. Sometimes she would just go off the map and disappear, but never for so many days, never for 11 days," she said.

"Everyone just thought she was dealing with stuff. She's just being Shianne. She'll get back to us whenever she feels ready."

An autopsy is scheduled for Jan. 8 and an update on the cause of death will be provided at that time.

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