Body positive influencer Tiffany Ima is her 'own d— beauty standard'

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Influencer Tiffany Ima opened up about beauty and confidence on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/tiffanyima)
Influencer Tiffany Ima opened up about beauty and confidence on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram/tiffanyima)

Tiffany Ima is forging her own beauty standards.

Earlier this week, the social media influencer took to Instagram to share a video of her showing off a summery outfit alongside a candid message about beauty and race.

In the clip, the size inclusivity advocate smiled, twirled and grooved to Beyoncé's hit song "PURE/HONEY," which played in the background.

Fashion wise, Ima rocked a mint green tank top, floral shorts and a pale yellow blazer. She accessorized with coral sandals, a matching scrunchie and a gold necklace.

On the screen, the influencer wrote "I am my own d— beauty standard" to highlight the importance of confidence and self-love.

In the caption, the American model revealed that she wanted to look differently in the past, but has learned to embrace her appearance.

"And can't nobody tell me nothing to make me think differently. Most of my teens and twenties, I wished I had lighter skin and looser hair. I got tired of believing my blackness wasn't beautiful and started owning my features," she penned. "That's why it's so damn hard to cut down confident black women and femmes because most of the time, they fought hard for that confidence. And I ain't letting go of it."

In the comments, fans praised the online star's empowering message and gushed over her self-assurance.

"It’s funny how many cultures strive so hard to have light pale skin yet our pale friends are all burning their skin to get some colour. Love this and the message it screams out! You are working it," commented a follower.

"Love this look and your message! So important!" shared someone else.

"You are a confident queen, just wow!" wrote a fan.

"You are beautiful inside and out. Love your style and your message. Gorgeous babe!" added another.

Last week, Ima shared an Instagram video of her lifting weights alongside a personal message about grief and body image.

The influencer explained that hitting the gym has given her purpose amidst a difficult summer.

"Y’all this summer has taken a huge toll on my mental health low-key. I’ve been feeling like a hot mess all summer, but I reconnected with my love for lifting weights this summer," she wrote. "And it’s been such a help to me — not just my mental health and my body image but also just in general, feeling better in my body."

"So I want to encourage you to find some movement that you enjoy that just really helps you to feel better. Remember, it’s less about what you do and more about finding something that you love that you can do consistently," Ima concluded.

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