Boeing Dreamliner deliveries set to resume in coming days

Yahoo Finance Live checks out Boeing's stock following announcements regarding the status of its Dreamliner deliveries.

Video Transcript

RACHELLE AKUFFO: So I'm going to kick us off with my pick, which is Boeing. We see the stock still in positive territory, up about-- just about 1 and 1/2% there. But it did hit an intraday high before paring back on these gains. Now, the stock is up on news of its delayed 787 Dreamliner deliveries. Now, they'll be resuming in the coming days, according to the FAA.

Now, American Airlines and United have been the most impacted by these two years of delays, as regulators were still reviewing manufacturing issues to ensure they met all the certification standards. Now, American's CFO Derek Kerr predicted that the airline would receive a Dreamliner in early August. And of course, a little ticker history, which I love. On this day in 1908, the Wright brothers first unveiled their first flying machine. So a bit of good luck there for Boeing.

SEANA SMITH: It sounds like about how much innovation we have seen in that space over the last, what, 114 years, 115 years, I guess, since 1908. But Rachelle, going back to what we just heard from Boeing, we know so many of the airlines, the bigger airlines, have been waiting for this. You mentioned some comments from American CEO just last week in the earnings call.

But American earlier this year saying, blaming the fact that-- of the delay in the Boeing Dreamliner deliveries, that that's the reason why they had to cut some of their international flights. Now in terms of what Boeing is expecting to produce over the next couple of months, Boeing saying that they're aiming to produce five Dreamliners a month. That's down from 14 per month.