Boggy Creek remediation work underway

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The RM of Edenwold approved drainage remediation work to Boggy Creek north of Plot Butte, as required by the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency, during its Jan. 12 meeting.

This stage of the project adds to existing dredging work on Boggy Creek and restores the natural water flow for the area. Previously overgrown plants and silt were removed to increase the capacity of the creek bed.

“We’ve had to work closely with Walker Projects as well as WSA so we get the work done properly to the way they want it done,” the RM’s rural public works manager, Derek Hradecki, said at the meeting. “For the last number of years that creek has been pretty dry, which is why were able to do that work this year.”

The work is part of a longer-term project in the Rock Pointe development and in the municipality all along Boggy Creek, planning and development director Jana Jedlic said.

“When (development) first started ... on (Rock Pointe), the WSA was not entirely pleased with this, so this work remediates that,” Jedlic said. “There was some work that went a little beyond what our permit was, as it straightened out the meanders (in the creek).”

Hradecki added the number of subdivisions being built along waterways like Boggy Creek can affect drainage, which is why development plans must be carefully thought through.

“They all have to rely on proper drainage because we don’t want our ratepayers, who are spending lots of money, to have their basements flooding,” Hradecki said. “And with how flat our province is, there are still low spots where it doesn’t matter where you go, there’s a risk of flooding. So we are trying to help deal with that for our ratepayers.”

Hradecki noted the Rock Pointe area has had drainage problems before, particularly in the winter of 2011-12 where high snowfall led to more extreme runoff conditions in the spring.

”We saw water flow in those years that was quite sketchy and all the ratepayers were concerned about their properties through that,” Hradecki said. “This work just protects them.”

The area will now be monitored for the next two years to ensure erosion controls being installed now aren’t being washed away by the creek.

“If there is a problem, it’s our obligation to fix it,” Hradecki said.

Inspections will be done in October and November to check on the creek conditions, and reports will be sent to RM council for review.

Keith Borkowsky, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Quad Town Forum