Boil order advisory issued for parts of Dieppe

The City of Dieppe is asking certain residents to boil their water before ingesting.

The boil order was issued Sunday for properties located between 581 and 628 Centrale Street as well as all properties on Aimé and Damien Streets and Firmin and Dométhilde Crescents.

City spokesperson Catherine Clusiau said a water main break on Centrale Street caused the advisory that includes 250 properties.

She said it's supposed to be repaired Sunday, the crew is already working on repairing the break.

"Normally it could take two to three days to just check their water quality and make sure that it's good for drinking again."

A city news release says all water used for drinking, preparing infant formulas, making ice, making coffee/tea or juice, washing fruits and vegetables, cooking, brushing teeth and dental hygiene should be held at a rolling boil for at least one minute.

The release said this is particularly important for people whose immune system is compromised such as elderly people, infants, people with transplanted organs, on dialysis etc.

The release said home water filtration devices such as water softeners or pitcher filter can't eliminate the microorganisms that could make people sick and shouldn't replace boiling.

Residents of this area don't need to boil their water if they're using it for other household purposes such as bathing, showering, laundry or washing hands and dishes.