Boil water advisory in effect for Saturna Island

Boil water advisory in effect for Saturna Island

Residents on Saturna Island will not be able to drink their tap water this weekend.

The Capital Regional District, which is the local government responsible for the Southern Gulf Island, issued the advisory Saturday.

The advisory is for island residents who rely on the Lyall Harbour Boot Cover Water System, which includes about 150 homes, said district spokesperson Andy Orr.

According to the district, there was an issue at the treatment plant which caused the water system to lose pressure. Crews are actively trying to fix the issue, but the advisory will remain in place over the weekend.

Will know more Monday

"The CRD will be bringing bottled water over today," said Orr, who added the water will be tested Sunday. By Monday, it will be clearer if the advisory will continue.

The Vancouver Island Health Authority will issue an all-clear notice when the drinking water is no longer a health risk.

While the advisory is in effect, residents are asked to boil their water for one minute before drinking.

Advisory updates are available on the CRD website.