Boil water advisory imposed on Sunchild First Nation for 2nd time this year

Boil water advisory in the Pontiac should last at least 10 days

About 30 homes on the Sunchild First Nation are under a boil water advisory after leaks in the main water line caused the community's reservoirs to drop. 

Many of the affected homes on the reserve west of Rocky Mountain House have no running water because so much pressure has been lost in the system's two reservoirs, said band manager Alice Peters.

Those that do have water are being told to boil it before using it. 

Both ConocoPhillips and Shell, which have operations in the area, have been helping to refill the tanks and provide bottled water while officials work to repair the leaks, she said. 

About 160 more homes on the reserve are not affected because they use their own wells and are not tied-in to the main water line. 

First Nations water issues

Sunchild First Nation was under an earlier boil water advisory in January due to a problem with chlorine levels.

A member of the community told CBC News she has been without running water for two weeks. Jen Essex, a teacher in the community, says it happens too often on First Nations reserves.

"If this happened in a town for example, I mean, it wouldn't happen," said Essex. 

"Water just wouldn't get cut off. You don't hear about that happening in towns or cities. I think people need to know that this happens, a lot more frequently than they're probably aware of it."

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