Boil-water advisory lifted for Picton and Bloomfield

Boil-water advisory lifted for Picton and Bloomfield

Public health officials in Prince Edward County have lifted a boil-water advisory issued after fuel spilled from a partially submerged barge and was detected in a sampling line at the Picton-Bloomfield drinking water plant. 

Water being produced by the plant now "meets all provincial water quality standards," the county said Thursday afternoon in a media release.

The advisory was issued March 30 by Hastings Prince Edward Public Health after contaminants leaking from the barge were detected near a water intake pipe.

The presence of the contaminants — believed to be a mixture of hydraulic fluid and diesel fuel — caused Prince Edward County's mayor to declare a state of emergency.

In their statement, the county said the Picton-Bloomfield plant was reconnected to the local water distribution system Wednesday evening.

Water sampling, however, will "continue at a higher than normal frequency until it is confirmed that there is no longer a heightened risk of contamination," the county said.

The 27-metre barge, named the Pitts Carillon, began taking on water late last month as it rested in Picton Bay, approximately 60 kilometres southwest of Kingston, Ont.

The barge has since been lifted out of Picton Bay. Transport Canada is investigating and has not ruled out charges against the company that chartered the barge.