Bone marrow match found for Windsor baby with rare genetic condition

Bone marrow match found for Windsor baby with rare genetic condition

Madalyana Ducharme's family is calling it a miracle.

Earlier this week they traveled to Toronto where doctors told them a bone marrow match had been found for the Windsor baby with a rare genetic disorder.

"It was amazing, I can't even put into words how happy we are that there is help for our daughter," said Madalyana's mother Tamara Ducharme.

The six-month-old was born with malignant infantile osteopetrosis, a condition that can cause recurrent infections, hearing and vision problems and can potentially be fatal.

Tamara shared a Facebook post Tuesday morning saying, "a match has been found."

At least 1,300 people in Windsor came out to get swabbed and see if they could help Madalayna, according to her mother, who added she heard people across the country were trying to help too.

"I'm sure her little story has brought in more than 1,500 people when you count everyone," said Tamara.

Although the family is overjoyed with the news, Tamara said the family has been warned there's still a long road ahead for their daughter.

"We're excited, but as a parent I'm scared," she said. "The doctors have let us know how major this transplant is."

Hard road ahead for warrior princess

The tough but tiny baby who Tamara describes as a "warrior princess" has already been through two surgeries. She added it's going to be tough to watch her "happy baby" look sicker and sicker during the transplant process.

"There are a lot of things working against her … but we've got to get through this," she said while holding Madalayna in her arms. As her baby coos happily back, Tarama said "She says 'yeah,' too." 

The family will host a fundraiser at the Parkwood Gospel Temple on April 1 to raise money to cover their travel expenses.

Nicole Ramage, a close friend of the family, said they will have to spend at least three months in Toronto while Madalayna receives treatment and have already traveled to London 15 to 20 times.