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Bonnechere Valley Briefs

Treasure in Eganville

Eganville – Eganville has a gem on its hands and it’s not the jewel of the Bonnechere, but rather the abundance of wild thyme, at least according to one letter writer to Bonnechere Valley council.

Fritz Schulze, who hails from Southern Ontario, wrote to council recently, expressing his delight at the abundance of the wild thyme in the village, which is displayed as the plant with purple flowers covering lawns, parks and roadsides, including a cemetery. He said he was driving through the village on his way to Pembroke and noticed the plants.

“So, I stopped and had a closer look and found my suspicion confirmed,” he wrote. “They are fragrant wild thyme (thymus vulgaris) which is well known to me from the sheep pastures of my native Southern Germany.”

He said he has not seen wild thyme anywhere else in Ontario, except in the odd garden.

“You have a real treasure there to be cherished and protected,” he said. “Discourage your residents from using weedkiller on those lawns!

“You can even make mint (no pun) out of this for encouraging tourism ‘the only town in Ontario with thyme on its hands’,” he quipped.

Market in the Park

Eganville – Market in the Park will be coming to Centennial Park in conjunction with some of the Music in the Park events.

Bonnechere Valley council approved a proposal from Tracey Sanderson to start the craft/vendor market in the park. Council also agreed to waive the vendor license fee, but vendors still need to get their commercial license from the village.

“Tracey and her crew are trying to do something to see if it will work,” Mayor Jennifer Murphy said last Tuesday during a committee meeting of council.

Councillor Tim Schison agreed it was a good idea to waive the fee for this year and see how the market takes off.

“We will definitely do a bunch of social media around this to get people to come out,” Ms. Sanderson said.

Fishing Dock

Eganville – The fishing dock along the Bonnechere River sponsored by the Eganville and Area Community Development Group (EACDG) is ready to go, Bonnechere Valley Mayor Jennifer Murphy told council last Tuesday.

“The concrete is poured for the fishing dock,” she said. “That should be flat bedded down any day now. It is very exciting.”

The fishing dock will be located on the south side of the river near the main bridge.

Ceiling Fan Fires

Eganville – Ceiling fan fires are becoming an issue of concern and the Bonnechere Valley Fire Department will be keeping a record of them.

In his report to council, Fire Chief Dave Murphy passed on a letter from the Office of the Fire Marshal which addressed the increased number of ceiling fan fires.

“Recently the OFM Fire Investigators have seen an increased number of ceiling fan fires,” a letter from Nancy Macdonald-Duncan, the director of fire investigation services noted. “As you may know, this has been an ongoing issue for over 10 years. Health Canada continues to monitor these incidents and is also looking at other common home fans.”

Fire departments are being asked to report fires related to a ceiling fan or home fan.

Debbi Christinck, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Eganville Leader

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