Books on parade: Volunteers to cart library's contents to new location

Books on parade: Volunteers to cart library's contents to new location

A parade of books lined the streets of McBride, B.C., on Friday as the local library — and all its contents — began the move into a new space this weekend.

Volunteers plan to cart 16,000 books from 241 Dominion Street, the McBride and District Public Library's home since 1967, to its new location a few blocks away to 521 Main Street. 

"It was community impetus to move… the old [library] is very small and it's an old building, it needs a lot of upkeep," said Amber Ford, who organized the book parade.

She's asked people in the community to bring bicycles, wagons, baskets and backpacks to help haul the collection.

"It's a way to involve people of all ages and abilities," Ford said.

The move will be entirely volunteer driven.

A new library has been in the works since 1998, and the board of directors acquired the new location two years ago.

New space, new start

The new library will offer more services, including a computer lab, program room and a common area. Ford says it will act more as a community hub than simply a library.

"Right now it's a very cramped area, it's not fully accessible for anyone with any kind of mobility issue and this new space will be fully accessible," Ford told CBC's Daybreak North.

In addition to the move, the library is clearing all overdue book fees for members.

"Fresh start of moving to the new space," Ford said.

The library building at 241 Dominion Street has been put up for sale as a commercial property.

The first procession of books begins at 3 p.m. on Friday, May 18. The big collection move will happen Sunday, May 20.

With files from Daybreak North