How To Boost Your Kid's Immune System During Cold And Flu Season

Charlotte Singmin
·1 min read

The immune health of our children is top of mind as we move into cold and flu season. Having a strong immune system will mean our kids will be better able to ward off potential infections. And while we are all by now oh-so-familiar with protocols such as proper hand-washing and sneezing techniques, there are plenty other actions we can incorporate into our kids’ daily routines to bolster their’ immunity.

Make sure they get enough sleep and rest

Having a regular wind-down routine and set bedtime ― and nap times, if kids are younger ― helps set children’s body clocks, so they fall asleep easier. The Government of Canada recommends kids aged 5-13 get 9-11 hrs sleep each night.

Tips to try:

  • Keep bedtime the same on school nights, with a little leniency over the weekend when sleeping in might be an option.

  • Start the bedtime routine 15 minutes earlier, if necessary, to make ample time for soothing snuggles and reading.

  • Swap screen time for a warm bath ― children benefit from aromatherapy too. Try a kid-friendly formulation like the Honest Company Bubble Bath Lavender Dream to help them relax.

  • For kids who have a particularly hard time getting out of bed in the morning (we can relate!), invest in a sunrise-simulating alarm clock like this SmartSleep Sleep and Wake-Up light from Phillips. The realistic soft sunrise glow will fill their room slowly, allowing their bodies to wake up naturally until an alarm goes off at a designated time.


Ensure they eat a balanced diet

Healthy eating is important year round, but particularly as we head into cold and flu...

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