Booted from Pelissier parking garage, Windsor Pride asks city to cover costs

After getting booted from the Pelissier Street parking garage, the Windsor Pride Community Education and Resource Centre says it can't cover the cost of moving and is struggling to find a new, accessible location.

In a letter marked "urgent" and sent to city council, Bob Williams writes on behalf of the organization, indicating the move will cost $8,000. Windsor Pride is looking for a convenient, downtown location in order to continue its work in the community. 

"Its location allows people who live downtown, those who attend the Downtown Mission, the Salvation Army, the courts, social services, the Glengarry and Cencourse housing areas, St. Clair College, the University of Windsor and many other organizations in downtown Windsor easy access to services," Williams writes.

Some help could be on the way. City council agreed Monday night to determine the appropriate costs of moving. They will make a decision once staff report back to them with a recommendation.  

Renovations could run up cost

Finding a site that's open to wheelchairs, electric carts and walkers has been a challenge, according to the letter.

Williams suggests the possibility of renovating a second-floor location with an elevator, but said such a project could cost more than $40,000.

"As tenants, we arrived in this tenuous position as a result of the termination of our lease at 422 Pelissier Street," he said.