Border Collie's amazing dance moves to drum music

When good music comes on, you just have to dance, and this Border Collie has all the moves! Watch as the starts bobbing his head and moving to the sounds of a drummer playing beats from the upstairs apartment.

Now we aren't sure, but it maybe just be him following his owners hand or maybe even a toy, but his timing is amazing and he seems to really be enjoying the sounds of the music. The rhythm takes him away and as the bass drum and snare echo from the tenants living upstairs, this dog really seems to get more and more into it.

Border Collies are well known frisbee and competition champs. They are also frequent competitors in dancing contests, where they twirl and spin with their owners to loud music in front of large crowds.

With an extraordinary, attentive gaze they handle each undertaking put before them with the focal point of an Olympic Athlete. Just watch the eyes on this Collie as he moves his head to the sound. You can see here that they understand rhythm and timing, even when the cymbals are being playing, this dog reacts differently, getting more and more excited with each echoing beat.

Border Collies are the magicians of the canine world. A tall wall can not shield them from getting away from their owners if they want out. It is imperative to watch out for your Border Collie constantly. They have been known to hop, burrow, even open the locks of door to get out and investigate. It seems good that this pooch has something to keep him occupied!

We wonder if he would break down into a full dance with a full band and not just the sound of the drums! He would be the winner at all of the doggy dance competitions for sure!