Border workers' union threatens 'slow downs' unless members get a new contract

More than 100 border officers held a rally on Huron Church Road Friday, calling for a contract similar to other law enforcement agencies in Canada.

Customs and Immigration Union president Jean-Pierre Fortin said members feel pushed to the "extreme limit" and will be taking a strike vote "in the very near future."

"They keep telling us we are very important, that we're the first line of defence for the country and again no respect is being showed to our officers," he said.

Border agents have been without a new contract for three years. Fortin said they want better pay and the ability to retire after 25 years without a penalty.

"We're well over $15,000 behind everyone Canada-wide, including the correctional services," he added.

The rally was the largest demonstration taken by the union to date, according to Fortin.

"We hope to not still be in a strike position, but when we will be you can rest assure there could be some disruption here in Windsor," he warned. "We'll never jeopardize the national security of the country, but obviously there could be a lot of slow downs that could be taking place."