Borrowing By-law 2020-014 Receives Third Reading

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On Monday, January 11th at 6:30 P.M. Mayor Johnston called the public meeting for the Cedar Crescent Development open with Evan Wight present as the project planner. Some of the concerns raised were back alleys and drainage, as well as the proposed start date of the development.

After a few amendments to the agenda, Councillor N. Thies made a motion to accept the agenda as amended; motion carried.

After reviewing the minutes of the last meeting Councillor Gosselin made the motion to accept which was carried.

The Foreman’s Report was next. Foreman Poppenheim explained to the council what the maintenance staff has been up to over the last two weeks, as well as a review of the year.

Foreman Poppenheim thanked the summer students for their hard work over the summer.

Council Standing Committees were next as each councillor gave a short explanation of their assigned committees. Mayor Johnston gave his report with three recommendations included that will be brought forward at the next council meeting.

Administrator Report was next. Administrator Paridaen included an update on the RO system build, strategic planning and a landfill update. There is approximately $128,000 from MEEP as well as $87,000 in reserve for lot development to be used towards the Cedar Crescent Development as well as for the water heater for the town hall as it broke and now needs replacing.

Councillor R. Thies motioned for the town to pay for a new water heater for the hall; motion carried.

The town staff will be picking up old Christmas trees on January 13th; this is a service the town maintenance staff do yearly.

N. Thies made the motion to accept the reports which was carried.


Borrowing By-law 2020-014 received its third reading with a motion by Councillor Vaughan; motion carried. This By-law 2020-014 is so the town can borrow more money to pay for projects like the reverse osmosis system.

Nuisance By-law 2020-016 received its second reading with a motion by N. Thies, and 3rd Reading with a motion by R. Thies; motion carried; there was an amendment added to exempt the fire department to allow five old cars at the Firehall rather than three. Residents are not allowed old unlicensed vehicles on their property.

The Big Bike will be taken back by Ken Mack, the developer of the bike. CORRESPONDENCE

The preschool has made a proposal to only pay $75 a month during the summer as it won't be using the building for the three months in the summer; motion tabled.

Walking/bike path snow removal was then discussed.

Rural Connectivity Task Force sent information concerning the lack of internet service and cell service in rural areas.

The council reviewed the RCMP Report. Council will request the RCMP to attend a council meeting when available.

Councilor Antosh-Cusitar made the motion to file the correspondence which was carried. The council reviewed the list of accounts for approval. Councillor N. Thies making a motion to accept which was carried.


A Financial Reserve Policy was discussed next. Councillor Vaughan made a motion to table this until further information is received; motion carried.

Commercial bin locks were next to be discussed. There is a lot of contaminated recycling still being received by the recycling center resulting in contaminated recycling charges. The town will consult with commercial users for their input.

Election Appointments and rates for poll clerk was discussed, with the upcoming by-election coming up to fill the vacant council seat. Administrator Paridaen proposed $18.80 for the returning officer and $15.00 per hour for pole clerk. Councillor Antosh-Cusitar made a motion to accept Administrator Paridaen’s proposal; motion carried.

Councillor Gosselin made a motion to table the Municipal Access Agreement until after the strategic planning; motion carried.

Councillor Vaughan mentioned purchasing a wheat weaving art display/picture and wishes to donate it to the town to display possibly in the library.

Councillor R. Thies made a motion to go in-camera; motion carried.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal