Bose’s best smart soundbar is $100 off for the next 24 hours

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Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar in black.

It’s the same old song and dance. To build a fantastic home theater you need a solid TV, but you also need a really good surround sound system. Acquiring all of the above can set you back a lot of money, especially if you want top-of-the-line gear. But discounts do help, and if we’re talking about audio equipment specifically, soundbar deals are always the best place to start. Today, we have one from Bose and Best Buy, thanks to a 24-hour flash sale, that’s worth calling out separately. The Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and voice assistant support is $100 off today, meaning the price is now $800 instead of its usual $900. Bose regularly features in our guide on the best soundbars, and this model is no exception. This deal will only be available for a few more hours before it’s gone.

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Why you should buy the Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar

This smart soundbar works with voice assistant and includes both Bluetooth and WiFi wireless connectivity. So, you can use Alexa or Google Assistant to control the audio, playback music, and much more. But we’re not talking about your average Bluetooth speaker here. This is a surround soundbar, and its from Bose so it better have some incredible audio technology baked in, too.

Indeed it does. It’s an immersive, cinematic-friendly soundbar with Dolby Atmos and Bose TrueSpace technology. TrueSpace separates music, dialogue, and sound effects to place them in various parts of the surrounding room, creating a truly surround experience. It’s all made possible thanks to six full-range transducers, two custom-engineered dipole speakers, a center tweeter, and speaker arrays. If you don’t understand or recognize what they are just know this system is going to make your entire room or space seem like it’s filled with sound.

It’s plug-and-play so super easy to set up and use via HDMI eARC for TVs and home theater equipment, plus the wireless connectivity to sync external devices. Additional features include ADAPTiQ calibration, solid construction and durability, support for the Bose Music app, and easy connections with other Bose smart speakers.

It’s the ultimate home theater soundbar, if there ever was one. It’s also $100 off today at Best Buy, down to $800 from $900. That’s a great deal but it’s only good for about 24 hours total, and at this point there are only hours left.

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