Botwood-area residents asked to conserve water while major leak is repaired

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Workers with the Town of Botwood think they have found the site of a pesky leak, after months of water troubles came to a head this past weekend.

Botwood Mayor Scott Sceviour said the town ran its tank dry on two occasions, prompting them to shut down the arena in efforts to save water.

Residents are now being asked to conserve water, and to expect there to be little or no water for more than 24 hours.

"Our concern is firefighting abilities," Sceviour said. "Right now we need about 30 feet of water in our tank to fight any regular house fire or something like that."

As of Monday afternoon, there was about five feet in the tank, which also serves Northern Arm and Peterview. The entire area has a population of about 4,000 people.

"It's been ongoing now for a little while," Sceviour said. "We've been trying to find our problem. We know that the tank was depleting itself of water for the last number of months and then all of a sudden it would boost again."

Garrett Barry/CBC
Garrett Barry/CBC

On Monday, the mayor said the town is almost certain it has found the site of the biggest leak along the 18-kilometre stretch between the edge of town and the water treatment site at New Bay.

He said they also found a few smaller leaks on Swanee Pool Road, which sits between Botwood and Peterview, where the water line is just a four-inch plastic pipe.

A previous leak in that area spilled around a million litres of water per day.

Botwood has money earmarked from a federal grant to update a Second World War-era water main, which was believed to be narrowed in spots and restricting water flow.

Repairs on the break are expected to begin Tuesday morning.

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