Boy traumatized after Russia attacked his sports school in Odesa shortly after he left

Odesa strike aftermath in Odesa
Odesa strike aftermath in Odesa

An Odesa resident is speaking out after a Russian attack on Odesa traumatized her son, Radio Liberty reported.

The Russian strike hit a Nova Poshta sorting facility and a sports school located nearby.

"My child went to training and had to stay for additional classes after school," Olha told Radio Liberty.

“I called him and asked to skip his additional classes, so he could come home and study.  There was a lot of additional homework after the competition and my son had to catch up with the schoolwork.”

The explosion rang out shortly after they returned home.

"People started calling and told me that Nova Poshta was on fire,” she said.

“I understood that if Nova Poshta was on fire, then our (sports) club was as well. I could barely calm my son down because his group was there, He was shocked. I could barely put him to sleep."

Her son couldn’t fall asleep without sedatives, Olha said.

Russia's ballistic missile attack on Odesa on May 1

Russia hit Odesa with a ballistic missile late in the evening on May 1— the third day in a row.

A Nova Poshta’s sorting depot and office were targeted, and a large-scale fire broke out.

All the company's employees - 18 people – had enough time to go to the shelter.

The sports school was also damaged.

14 people were injured in the attack, including a man who was hospitalized in stable condition, the State Emergency Service reported on May 2.

Russia attacks Odesa with ballistic missiles almost every day. Six people died, and more than 30 were injured, including two children and a pregnant woman, in Russia's April 29 attack.

Odesa's "Harry Potter Castle" — the palace of students of the Odesa Law Academy, which also serves as the residence of the academy's rector, Serhii Kivalov, caught fire. Kivalov himself was also injured.

Three people were killed and three more injured in Russia's May 1 attack on Odesa.

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