Boys World split

Boys World have split credit:Bang Showbiz
Boys World have split credit:Bang Showbiz

Boys World have split up.

The 'Girlfriend' group - comprising Olivia Ruby, Queenie Mae Villaluz, Lilian Kay, Makhyli Simpson, and Elana Caceres — have decided to go their separate ways due to "moments of change and transition" in the music industry and other "things that are out of [their] control".

They wrote in a letter to fans shared online: “After five unforgettable years of music, friendship and memories, we are sadly announcing the disbandment of Boys World.

"Each member of Boys World has grown not just as artists but as sisters, learning from each other and becoming stronger together. We are eternally grateful for these years together.

“We have accepted that there are some things that are out of our control.

"Change can be scary and uncomfortable, but it can be incredibly exciting. It can open doors to opportunities and creative possibilities we’ve never imagined.”

They ended their note thanking their fans for being “the heart of Boys World” and asked they continue to support the individual members as they “embark on new adventures.”

They added: “Though this may be goodbye for now, our music will always live on and so will our friendship. Girlfriends forever.”

The TikTok sensations were tearful as they also shared an emotional video message for fans.

Queenie said: "We went through so much in this group. I can’t even imagine everything we went through without these girls.

"Change is very scary and uncomfortable… This has been our whole world for the last five years.”

Lilian added: "We've created so many beautiful memories, and we are so grateful for everything we’ve accomplished together.

"Most of all, we're grateful that it's been with each other. And after everything, we still have each other, and that’s the most important part."

Makhyli said: "So many of our dreams have come true, and we're so blessed and so lucky to have traveled around the country and perform our music.

"And obviously the best part of it all was just being able to meet you guys, the STARS. We love you."