Bradley Cooper was confused by Michael Keaton's odd emails about a horse saddle

Actor Michael Keaton was on Late Night With Seth Meyers Wednesday, where he was live from his horse ranch in Montana and talking about wanting to treat himself to a brand new custom saddle. So he reached out to a custom saddle maker who has the last name of Cooper, and began emailing back and forth.

But, as Keaton described, the more his email correspondence went on the more things started to feel a little off. As it turns out, it helps when the guy you think is making your saddle isn’t actually just a giant movie star who just so happens to have the same last name as the guy who makes saddles.

“He emails me back, ‘Who is this?’ I go, ‘Who is this? What are you talking about, who is this?’ Keaton said. “I had been mistakenly emailing Bradley Cooper.”

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