Brampton Transit to expand service into Bolton

Bolton residents will soon have new public transit options available to them.

At Caledon Council’s September 12 general committee meeting, Council approved a recommendation from Caledon’s Manager of Transportation Engineering, Arash Olia.

Olia recommended that Brampton Transit be contracted to provide local transit for Bolton residents, beginning in Spring 2024. Voyago, which currently provides transit in Bolton, will continue to provide service until then.

The new transit service will run for 10 hours per day, including trips at peak times in the morning and evening and a new mid-day service. Buses will go from Columbia Way to Mayfield Road on Highway 50. A loop between Highway 50 and Coleraine Drive will be added during peak periods.

Council first asked Town staff to explore expanding Brampton Transit to Bolton in 2022.

“Leveraging Brampton Transit to service the community of Bolton brings several significant customer-focused benefits, such as PRESTO Electronic Fare Payment, fare integration and free transit among major transit agencies across GTA, one-stop customer service, and integrated trip planning throughout the GTA,” said Olia in the report.

Olia said working with adjacent municipalities like Brampton on transit helps make trips more convenient and affordable for commuters. He said it removes duplication and allows for more efficient use of resources.

The Town of Caledon will pay operating costs for the new transit service, which are estimated at $320,000 per year. Caledon plans to use some of its Provincial Gas Tax revenue to support the service. Fare revenues from riders on the new service will be credited to the Town and are estimated to be around $54,000 per year.

Olia said the Town of Caledon and Brampton Transit are going to be launching a robust marketing campaign to inform people of the new transit service.

Ward 5 Councillor Tony Rosa said the new transit service in Bolton will serve the community well. He asked when there might be an evaluation of the service, to which Olia replied there will be quarterly assessments on measures like ridership.

Regional Councillor Mario Russo said he hopes Caledon continues to expand its partnership with Brampton Transit.

“This not only helps residents but helps businesses looking to meet their staffing needs,” said Russo.

Regional Councillor Christina Early said getting more transit in the south of Caledon is critical.

“This is a huge win for Bolton,” said Early.

Ward 5 Councillor Tony Rosa shared his idea that the Town should visit places like the Caledon Seniors Centre and local high schools where there are a large number of potential riders, and share information about the new transit service.

Zachary Roman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Caledon Citizen