Brandon Marshall rants: NFL teams 'should be ashamed' that Patriots are in Super Bowl again

New York Giants receiver Brandon Marshall channeled his inner sports-talk radio caller this week, ranting about the dominance of the New England Patriots relative to the other teams in the NFL.

“How long have Bill Belichick and Tom Brady been together?,” Marshall asked his co-hosts.

“Eighteen years,” they responded.

“Eighteen years. Almost 20 years doing this together. The league is not competitive. We all should be ashamed. Even you guys that’s been covering them on TV should be ashamed,” Marshall began, his voice rising.

“Why?,” one of the other men on the panel – it sounded like Phil Simms – asked him.

New York Giants Brandon Marshall poses for a picture at the opening of “NFL Experience” in Times Square, New York, Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

But Marshall was just getting warmed up. Pumping his arm to emphasize his points, he continued.

“Players should be ashamed, coaches should be ashamed, owners should be ashamed. How do we let these guys do this year in and year out?,” Marshall shouted.

He then looked at the camera, ostensibly addressing Patriots players.

“Congratulations, you guys are phenomenal, you guys are great can’t get any better. But how do 31 other organizations let this happen?,” Marshall said, turning to one of his co-workers, Ray Lewis. “I know Ray is going to say, ‘I won a Super Bowl, I did my job.’ You should have won five!”

Now, a couple things about this: while it is incredibly impressive that this is the eighth time Belichick and Brady are going to the Super Bowl together, they have been beaten in the game twice; Lewis won two Super Bowl rings, not one, and if Lewis won five, wouldn’t that have been somehow shameful in Marshall’s world?

Oh, and one last thing: Brandon Marshall has been in the NFL for 12 seasons. He’s never been to the playoffs even once. Maybe get your own house in order before you start trashing others’? Maybe?