Brave policemen rescue dog tethered near burning car

The Atlanta Police Department would like to thank several Zone 1 Morning Watch officers for their efforts to rescue one of our four-legged citizens on March 7, 2021. While working at the scene of a vehicle fire in northwest Atlanta, Zone 1 units were made aware of a dog tethered to a tree near the vehicle, which was fully engulfed. The officers quickly leapt into action, placing themselves in harm’s way to free the dog. As they worked to get the collar from his neck, the vehicle continuously reacted loudly to the heat, but these officers would not be deterred. After finally getting him free, the dog was removed from danger and given the love he deserves. We would also like to mention that we are proud of the dog, who maintained his composure and showed bravery throughout this ordeal allowing the officers to free him. We give him a 12/10. He’s a good boy. Video credit City of Atlanta Police Department

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