These Brave Workers Obviously Have No Fear Of Heights!

While on vacation in Istanbul, Turkey, a group of tourists were on a tour along the waterfront near the bridge across the Bosphoros Strait. They were surprised to hear a noise and see movement on the cables above them. From the ground, it wasn't clear what was going on. At first they thought that some daredevil had ventured out on the bridge's cable structure, or possibly that it was somebody experiencing a crisis of some sort. One of the tourists zoomed in with a powerful video camera and he was able to see the the person on the structure was actually a worker, apparently inspecting the structure. There were actually two workers up on the bridge. This one was equipped with clips and cables to secure himself to the bridge as he moved. One misstep might result in a fall if not for these safety cables. As we see when the camera zooms out, the cables upon which they walk are many hundreds of meters above the water. These workers have no apparent fear of heights, as evidenced by how confidently we see this one walk and move about. These workers continued to inspect the sections ahead, moving all the way across the river over the course of a few hours. This is a job that is not for the faint of heart.