Brawl at Colonel Gray under investigation, says Public Schools Branch

Brawl at Colonel Gray under investigation, says Public Schools Branch

Colonel Gray High School staff and the Public Schools Branch are investigating a fight on the school property that saw several students suspended.

It happened in the school parking lot Tuesday morning, after buses arrived, but before class began.

Videos circulating on social media and obtained by CBC, show several students grabbing each other, throwing punches and swinging each other around.

One student is seen running, jumping and kicking at another student. Another student is seen swinging what appears to be a pliable cord.

Principal Dominique Lecours told CBC the fight didn't last long and was broken up by people on-site. 

No one was seriously hurt, but there were some scrapes and bruises according to Lecours. School staff spent most of Tuesday conducting interviews with witnesses and students involved. She said there were supervisors on the school grounds at the time.

"We're still kind of working through some of the details today and looking at cameras and talking to students who were around the vicinity, to make sure that we are thorough in our dealing with this," Lecours said.

Event 'disappointing' says principal

Lecours said the reason for the fight is still unknown, but once it was broken up, several students were suspended and sent home.

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Police were called to help take those students home. No one was arrested or charged according to Lecours. 

The principal said the school has been following PSB protocol and has called the parents of students involved and sent home letters.

"The event yesterday was kind of disappointing for me because it's counterproductive to what we're working so hard to do every day, which is create a safe learning environment for our students and for the staff in the building," she said.

The PSB said there will be a re-entry plan for suspended students when they return to school. 

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