A Brazilian influencer said he got Elon Musk's name tattooed on his head to get the billionaire's attention and be taken on a space mission

a picture of the tattoo and of Musk
Rodrigo América told Insider he got the tattoo to get Musk's attention.Rodrigo América and CARINA JOHANSEN/Getty Images.
  • Brazillian influencer Rodrigo América said he got Elon Musk's name tattooed on his forehead.

  • América said he is trying to get Musk's attention so he can ask to be involved in a space mission.

  • The influencer told Insider he is deeply interested in outer space and extraterrestrial life.

A Brazilian influencer named Rodrigo América said he tattooed Elon Musk's name on his forehead in an effort to attract the billionaire's attention and convince him to take him on a space expedition.

América, who has 493,000 Instagram followers and is from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, is known for dressing up and roleplaying as Marvel superhero Captain America.

He first shared a post about the tattoo on October 29, in which América can be seen lying down while a man appears to tattoo his forehead. The clip then cuts to show the influencer with a wet paper towel on his forehead, which is removed to reveal the words "Elon Musk," next to an illustration of a rocket ship.

"Do you know Elon Musk?" a caption under the post, which was written in Portuguese, said.

América has since posted several videos and photos of his face, with captions like, "Elon Musk, do you know Rodrigo América?" and "Love you Elon Musk," written in a mixture of Portuguese and English text.

Commenters under his posts expressed shock at images. Some seemed skeptical about the tattoo, with one person writing, "Is that serious?" and others typing laughing emojis in the comments section. América told Insider the tattoo was real, and that he'd had it done on October 28.

The influencer said he has been posting frequently about it to "draw the attention of the billionaire," in the hopes that he can ask Musk to be involved in a space exploration trip to Mars with American aerospace company SpaceX, which Musk founded in 2002.

"I believe it's working," América told Insider, describing the attention he's received from online Instagram commenters and his hope that Musk might also come across him online.

Musk has previously stated that he wants to dedicate as much money as possible to colonizing Mars and has predicted humans will be able to visit the planet by 2029. In 2020, Musk said he hoped to build 1,000 of SpaceX's Starships over the course of 10 years in order to send 1 million people to Mars by 2050.


Speaking in an interview with Brazilian news outlet BHAZ, América described Musk as an "inspiration," adding, "What he's doing, what he's going to do, taking human beings to Mars, his name will go down in history."

The influencer told the outlet that he has 10 tattoos of extraterrestrials on his body, adding in a statement to Insider that he has a deep interest in researching outer space and the possibility of life on other planets.

Elon Musk — who owns SpaceX, as well as automative company Tesla — has recently faced intense criticism for igniting mass layoffs at the social media company Twitter, after becoming CEO of the platform on October 27, and for implementing a "hardcore" work mission encouraging staff to work for "long hours at high intensity" to meet his vision for the company.

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