Breakfast restaurant in Sacramento will add new location, expand menu. Here’s where

Roosters Breakfast and Mimosas has been at 5493 Carlson Drive, Unit D, since July 2020. Now, the establishment is looking at expansion by adding a second location in Sacramento.

Erick Guerrero, manager of Roosters, told The Sacramento Bee that the owners inked a deal to take over the lease at 1379 Garden Highway along the Sacramento River.

He made it clear that their original River Park location will remain open as well.

“I know a lot of people think we’re like leaving our current location but no,” Guerrero said. “The goal is to expand, to reach different neighborhoods, different people from over there who can’t travel all the way here or it’s too far.”

Guerrero will oversee both locations, but plans to train a new manager to handle the daily operations. At the new location, he said, the only difference is that they plan to add a dinner menu on evenings and weekends.

Obtaining a new space, he said, was a long process.

It was formerly occupied by Pearl on the River, which closed its doors in 2019, according to the Sacramento Business Journal, which first announced Roosters’ expansion.

Guerrero said negotiations began earlier this year.

“(The owners) have been talking with them since April and were going back and forth with the lease, permits and inspections,” Guerrero said. “I wanna say maybe like a month ago, it was like 100% complete.”

Now that they’re in the building, it’s time to renovate. Guerrero said the place was “old-fashioned.”

“We gotta paint it. ... We’re in the process of removing the carpet,” Guerrero said. “(We’re) putting in new lights. It’s a lot of stuff and we kind of give it a rough estimate that should be ready in a couple of months.”

Guerrero told The Bee their No. 1 goal is to open by the end of year, well before 2024.