Breakfast tomato pancakes ready in 3 minutes

Hello friends! Today I will prepare for you some delicious savory tomato pancakes! A delicious recipe for your breakfast! Ingredients: 50 grams white flour 60 grams of water a pinch of salt a pinch of pepper a sprig of parsley 1 tomato STEPS: Let's start by chopping the parsley into small pieces Add 50 grams of white flour Add a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper Gradually add 60 ml of water, mixing with a whisk Mix until the mixture is smooth Cut a tomato into 1cm thick slices Place a few slices of tomato in a pan with extra virgin olive oil Cover the tomato slices with a spoon of mixture Place the other tomato slices on the mixture After 2 minutes, turn the pancakes Another 2 minutes and your pancakes are ready!

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