Bredenbury Council Discusses New Firehall

·2 min read

The Town of Bredenbury council met at 4:30 P.M. with Mayor Jordan Hass calling the regularly scheduled council meeting to order with all council members present.

The council began by adopting the agenda, then carried on with reviewing the minutes of the last meeting. After a short discussion with CAO Kim Varga reviewing what the council has done over the last month, Councillor Trowell made the motion to accept the minutes as reviewed; motion carried.

Carrying on the council reviewed the financial statement before Councillor Reykjalin made the motion to accept the financials; motion carried.

Bank Reconciliation was next to be reviewed before Councillor Trowell made a motion to accept the Bank Reconciliation as reviewed; motion carried.

The council reviewed the town maintenance report as submitted by the town foreman, Councillor Chartier made the motion to accept; motion carried.

Next, the council heard an update about the old school project the town has taken on, the electrical should be done soon, the EMS room is looking good, and the bathroom has been coming along well; there is hope to have the fire trucks stationed there by spring.

The proposed town daycare was discussed next, the town is waiting to find out if they will be accredited or not at this time, after advertising on social media for half a day the town has interest for 12 children already.

The town has been approached to have the arena open until the end of April or May. After a short discussion before Councillor Burman made the motion to rent it out for $160/hr;; motion carried.

There was a request to annex an open lot to the RM of Saltcoats Councillor Reykjalin made the motion to accept the annex; motion carried.

The council discussed a donation to STARS Air Ambulance, Councillor Chartier made the motion to donate $500 to STARS; motion carried.

Gary Horseman, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Four-Town Journal