Breton Ability Centre flooded with Valentine's Day cards

Residents of the Breton Ability Centre in Sydney were feeling the love on Valentine's Day when a giant heap of cards arrived Friday morning.

Earlier in the month, the organization put out a call to the community to send its residents valentine cards.

The centre's CEO says the response was huge.

"I think love is in the air at Breton Ability and I must say I am totally overwhelmed," Harman Singh said. "I think love exists in Cape Breton and in this community based on the response we've had. It's been amazing."

Dozens of cards were spread out across a long table at the centre so residents could look through them. Heart-shaped cookies, made by residents who work at the centre's cafe, were served as a treat.

In addition to spreading the love this Valentine's Day to the residents of the centre, the other aim of the campaign was to create awareness about what happens at the centre.

Gary Mansfield/CBC

"Historically, we have been seen as a place that really is the end of the road for people," Singh said. "We are definitely not the end of the road for people.

"We are here to identify abilities and the talents of people and help them really blossom and, hopefully, get out in the community and work and live there just like everyone else."

Singh said the cards, made by children in the community, brought joy to the residents. She said the messages in the cards are "so touching."

Shirley MacLean, one of the residents, said it made her day.

"I wasn't expecting the cards ... I love them," she said.

Gary Mansfield/CBC